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  • What is CMS Productions?

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    CMS (Christian Musician Summit) Productions is the umbrella entity for the Christian Musician Summit conferences, Christian Musician & Worship Musician Magazines,,, and the CMS Super App available for iOS and Android devices.

  • What are the Christian Musician Summit conferences all about?

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    Christian Musician Summit conferences are designed for worship leaders, musicians, technicians, pastors, songwriters, and independent artists to improve skill and inspire talent for God's glory. These conferences feature the best musicians in the industry as workshop clinicians and performers. The CMS conferences also feature exhibits with audio/video and music companies who offer products and services for the Christian church market. These events provide a time for musicians and technicians of all levels to come and learn, network and fellowship.

  • Are the conferences affiliated with any particular denomination or record label or publisher?

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    No, we are not affiliated with any particular Christian denomination or record label or publisher. The owners of the company, Bruce Adolph & Matt Kees, are Christians, and each are involved in the ministry of their home churches.

  • What does the Registration fee cover?

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    CMS CONFERENCE registration covers:
    *Access to workshops, general sessions and concerts led by some of the greatest musicians in Christian Music, as well as by some of the best in the audio/visual industry.
    *Evening Concert(s) with our featured artists.
    *Access to the exhibit halls featuring the latest in gear, musical equipment and instruments, software, music, services, retailers, etc.

    SONGWRITER BOOT CAMP registration covers:
    * A full day of clinics and critique sessions with some of the most influential A&R reps, Producers, Songwriters, and Publishers in the Christian Music Industry.

    ALL OTHER BOOT CAMP registrations cover:
    * A full day of in-depth training from a pro in the field.

  • What does the fee NOT cover?

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    The fee does not cover any travel, lodging or food.
  • I have already registered. Do I get a registration packet or something?

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    We mail out Name Badges about 2-3 weeks prior to the event. This badge is your ticket, and will enable you to enter the facility without having to wait in a registration line. Online and App versions of the program with workshop schedules and presenter bios are available for viewing prior to the event.

    The One-Day Intensives will not send out anything badges will be available for pick-up at the event.

  • Can I register for just one day for the Christian Musician Summit?

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    Yes. Check the registration page for the event you are interested in.
  • I purchased evening concert tickets. Will those be mailed out, or will I pick them up at Will Call?

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    Yes. Tickets for the evening concerts will be available if the conference does not sell out. Look for the "concert tickets" link on the main page of each conference.

    It is likely that there will not be any tickets available for the CMS Northwest event.

  • Can I attend the evening concerts without registering for the Summit?

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    The only music that we accept is from folks who are registered for the Songwriter Boot Camp intensive. The Songwriter Boot Camp is the first step to developing relationships and networking in the industry... this is key to furthering your career in the music business - relationships. To register for a Songwriter Boot Camp, click here.

    We are not a label or publisher, so there is nothing we can do with your music if you were to send it to us :)

  • Are children allowed at the Summit?

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    The summit is geared toward adults and young adults. We recommend that individuals under the age of 13 not attend. There will be a few exceptions to this rule as there are some very talented young people involved in ministry. If you have questions, contact us.

    We ask that small children & infants NOT attend the conference workshops with parents, as they can, at times, be distracting to other attendees as well as their parents. Thank you for understanding our policy on this and being considerate of other registrants. Children may attend the concerts with their parents. Again, we ask that you be courteous to other concert-goers by taking your youngsters to the cry room or the lobby when the need arises.
  • Should I bring my guitar to the Christian Musician Summit conference?

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    You may bring an acoustic guitar to the conference, however, it is not necessary. There will be a handful of workshops where having a guitar with you may come in handy. If you decide to bring your guitar, neither the CMS nor the venue is responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property. You will need to carry it with you, or leave it in your vehicle.
  • Can I video or audio record speakers, artists or events at the conferences?

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    Audio or video recording the workshops, sessions and/or concerts is prohibited, due to licensing issues.
  • What about Refunds or Cancellations?

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    If you are unable to attend, you have a couple of options. You can either switch over your registration to another individual, or you can contact us for an 90% refund. We need to retain 10% of the registration fee to cover various service fees.

    Cancellations will not be refunded after 1 month prior to the conference.
The Christian Musician Summit conferences exist to provide practical training, equipping and resources for musicians, worship leaders, technicians, pastors, songwriters, and independent artists in order to improve skill and inspire talent for God's glory.